PlayStation 2 Mod Chips


Some of the most popular PlayStation 2 MODs that is PSX2 Modifications are PS2 case mods and of course PS2 Mod-Chips. Other popular hacks include pc controller mods usb controller and others. Buy PS2 Mod-Chips (Fast Shipping to USA, EUROPE, UK)>>>
Some people for example are looking for "mods for PS2 that let you play xbox games on your ps2" - I will have to disapoint them as it is a known fact that to emulate another system the computer has to be 5 to 20 times more powerful than the system being emulated and PlayStation 2 has less processing power than Xbox so with or without a modchip emulating XBox on PS2 or even PS3 is impossible.


PS3 mods and chipsPlayStation 3 HACKED!
PS3 Jailbreak USB Chips

Play Station 3 has been hacked and PS3 Mod Chips are available for purchase. You can use a modded PS3 with Jailbreak chip for making backup copies and playing backup games on your Original or Slim PS3 console!

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